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Harmonic Eternity - Weight Loss Complex
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Harmonic Eternity  - Weight Loss Complex
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  •      Lose weight Safely
  •         Increases metabolism
  •         Balances thyroid
  •         Boost energy
  •         Burn excess fat and Calories

     Win the battle against the bulge with Max Strength Dieter’s Formula! This product is unlike any other diet product. It’s safe and uses only natural, proven ingredients- which are designed to shed those unwanted pounds. Look thinner and feel more confident today. Controls appetite and cravings allowing you to stick to your diet. Boosts metabolism and energy. Finally, a product to help you get the body you deserve. 


      Garcinia cambogia 6X, Green coffee bean 1X/2X/, Raspberry ketons 6X,  Guarana 1X/2X/3X,All amino acids 6X/10X/30X, ATP 3X, 12 Cell minerals 6X/12X/30X, Lecithin 2X, HGH 3X, DNA/RNA 6X, Iodium 3X/9X, Lactobacillus acidophilus 12X, GABA 6X, Phenylalanine 6X, Acetylcholine 6X/12X/, Chromium 3X/6X, Ephedra vulgaris 6X/12X, Albumin 6X, Krebs cycle 8X, Leptin 6X, Carbonica calcarea 6X, Phytolacca decandra 6X/12X, DHEA 6X, Dopamine 12X/16X, Vasopressin 12X/16X, All B vitamins 1X, Betaine hydrochloride 6X/12X, Norepinephrine 6X/12X, Lipase 3X/6X, Amylase 3X/6X, Sucrase 3X/6X, Trypsin 6X/12X, Nat.phos 1X, Tryptophan 6X, L-Ascorbic acid 1X, Silymarin 3X/6X, Spirulina 6X/12X/30X, Sceletium T 6X, Purified water (lab grade), Glycerin USP 8%, alcohol USP 15%

Technical benefits of key ingredients:

Garcinia Cambogia - contains HCA which helps in blocking fat and inhibiting the efforts of a metabolic enzyme called citrate lyase. Can Boost Metabolism, a Good Appetite Suppressant, Can Lower Blood Cholesterol 


Green Coffee BeanChlorogenic acid is the active ingredient that makes Green Coffee been so helpful.  Accelerates weight loss, inhibits glucose intake allowing for blood-sugar levels to balance out.   Can help improve lipid metabolism and obesity-related hormones levels.Helps change fat reserves and converts it to energy.


Amino acids - Burns fat, firms and tones body, gives definition to muscles.

Iodium (Iodine) - feeds the Thyroid Gland, which controls metabolism

Chromium – it is important in processing carbohydrates and fats, and it helps cells respond properly to insulin - the hormone, produced in the pancreas, that makes blood sugar available to the cells as our basic fuel.

Leptin –It helps regulate appetite, hunger and even bodily metabolism to keep abnormal fat under control and protective fat at normal levels.  It aids fat burning and eating behavior.  It regulates an overall weight

Directions: Three sprays in the mouth under the tongue. Mouth should be free of food or drink for at least 30 minutes before and after taking. Keep under tongue for at least 10 seconds before swallowing. Take 5 days a week or as directed by a health care professional.

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